Write On, ROSY! (A Young Author in Crisis)

by Sheila Greenwald   

Rosy Cole is worried. She has no Lifelong Ambition. Even worse, she has no topic for the Young Writer’s Program at school. Rosy’s in the dumps-until everyone agrees that she has a talent for getting at the truth, the perfect tool for an investigative reporter. When her teacher suggests that she write about someone important in her life, Rosy goes straight to the top and chooses Fr. Gormley, the headmistress herself!

The trouble begins when Rosy follows Dr. Gormley home. She’s determined to root out everything there is to know- until she discovers Dr. Gormley’s secret life! Is she snooping or uncovering the terrible truth! Should she be careful or courageous? What’s am investigative reporter to do?

 “This fast-paced story…will find a ready audience among Rosy fans…Greenwald’s drawings…are cleaver and a humorous addition”

-ALA Booklist

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